sweepstakes to enter in 2018

Top 10 Sweepstakes to enter right now

I used to think Sweepstakes are waste of time. 

But I keep seeing people winning these sweepstakes. Then I started researching about sweepstakes. 

How does sweepstake work?

Sweepstakes are a powerful way of advertising for many companies. 

They are able to reach many people with less advertisement budget. They do this buy offering a high valued product to few people. 

For example, lets say I am giving away 10 iPhones costing 10k. I run a sweepstake and get in front of 50k people.
Imagine I am getting a brand awareness for 50 cents per person vs 5$ if I use google or facebook ads. 

Now that 10 iPhones are so much cost effective and I would do 100 iPhones if I get this result consistently.

Why you should participate in every one of them?

The volume of winners are high. 

These sweepstakes are not commonly found and probably they might take it down anytime. 

So the chances of winning are really high. 

It doesn’t cost anything for you, so why not give it a shot. 

Here is the new list of Sweepstakes that works now

Win an iPhone XS MAX – Enter your email to win an iPhone XS MAX.

Win an iPhone X – Complete a short form to enter for a chance to win an iPhone X. 

Win a T & K Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner – Complete a short form for a chance to win a T&K Roomba 980.

Back to school $1000 Giveaway – Get a chance to win a Back to School Giveaway valued at $1000. 

Callaway Golf clubs for $1000 – Enter your email to get a chance to win $1000 set of Callaway Golf clubs.

$300,000 Instant Play Sweepstakes – Enter your email for a chance to win a $300,000 cash.

Disney Vacation – You can enter their email to get a chance to win the Grand Prize of $5,000 towards a Disney Vacation. Many other prizes are available daily too.

Mom & Baby Samples – You can fill out a short form to get FREE Mom and Baby samples. 

Cosmetic Products – You can submit a small form to get FREE cosmetics samples.

Home Makeover – You can enter your email for a chance to win a home makeover. 

Dream Car – You can enter your email for a chance to win your dream car.

Still wondering?

Are you still thinking if it would work or not? It hardly takes some time to complete it. 

Send More Ideas

Just don’t over complicate it. You win or worst case you wont. 

top 10 sweepstakes to enter in 2018 that are legitimate

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