First sit back.


Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on a beach.

Sipping pinacolada.

You call your friends and they are busy to earn their paycheck.

You wanted to make sure you are covered for your expense and check your bank account.

It grew by 10% since yesterday.

With a sign of relief you go back to your drink.

Now that you pictured your target state. (if it is something else picture that in your mind).

Now take a pen and paper to calculate what that dream will cost you.

Put a number to your bills, expenses, lifestyle. Derive at a yearly whole number.


Next we need to figure out the way to achieve that each year on autopilot.

For this you need a system with a roadmap to achieve it.

We call this as Millionaires Roadmap.

This roadmap contains various stages.

-> Start making extra income each month.

-> Learn to put that money to work for you.

-> Protect your investment to retire.

These 3 stages will make you financially free.

It is not easy but once you are committed.

You will reach your goal.

And we are here to help you with ideas and resources.

Learn about 925M Formula

You will hear a lot about this formula in this site. It is the fundamental and it is important to learn about this.

925M Investment Portfolio

We talk a lot about building a healthy portfolio. A good portfolio is a mix of long term investments strategies that you build for retirement. 
A short term investment idea to keep the cash flow active. This could help you retire early and quit your job. 

Build some risk profiles to take advantage of any high risk & high gain type of investments.

A good mix of all these investment components in the right funds will make you closer to the goals.

Based on the experiments and results we have seen, we recommend the strategies that worked for more people. 

Latte Formula

Saving are good. But it is hard. 
Most people find it difficult because the saving advice always comes as changing lifestyle. 

However, we like to look at the balance. There are ways to save money without giving up the lifestyle you love. 
Just there are more resources and ways to cut down the cost of something you already use.

We share resources, ideas and tips to help you save more without giving up the latte you love.

Passive Income

Passive income ideas, this is a big deal as we all know more the income streams the faster you become wealthy. 
With internet there are tons of opportunities that would make a ton of money with less effort. 
It is a great idea to leverage these opportunities and grow your money when you sleep.

We keep testing passive income streams and share the ideas that works. 


If you are serious about becoming a millionaire you need actionable steps.

ZERO-M Course

The course is a step by step instructions on how to grow into a millionaire. 
It helps people to

  • Create a healthy investment portfolio
  • Save money smartly without compromising too much on lifestyle.
  • Passive income methods to grow your income.

Amazing resources and tools to get closer to a million fast.


Technology & Tools works for you 24/7 and help you grow your income on autopilot.

925M Accelerator

Using many smart technologies we build tools that can help you to reach your goals faster. 

925M is a tool that helps calculate the 925M probability number which tells you how close are you to become a millionaire. 

It also comes with more features to track & get you closer to become a millionaire.

More Resources

Tools & resources we recommend

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