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How I build the email list fast using solo ads?

We all know email list is very important for online business. No matter what you sell online, email marketing is the most efficient way to sell.

As soon as you launch your blog, the first thing you need to do is to start collecting emails. 

The more emails you collect the more sales you can make and make more money. 

Emails are also reused, you can keep sending emails to your list and continue to make money without spending more money on marketing.

One way of doing is through paid traffic sources like Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

They both are a great platform to advertise but they are highly competitive. 

Recently I found an easy option to grow email list is by using solo ads. 

What are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are ads sold by individuals who have a massive email list and promote your landing page or product to that list. 

This traffic source is very legit and easy to use, and anybody can give it a go. Since they don’t have a lot of regulations it is flexible and you can make some money using it. 

solo ads using udimi

Since it is sold by individuals they are super low cost as well. Compared to traffic sources like Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

Moreover, you have the freedom to promote anything and everything.

What is the catch?

There is some downside to solo ads as well. For eg, you may find an email list owner who has bot traffic or traffic which may be acquired from a bit shady way so this subscriber may or may not convert into a customer.

This is where Udimi comes in.

Udimi – Marketplace for solo ads

Udimi is a place where you can buy or sell solo ads. There is no charge for signing up and it is very easy to use as well.

Now, let’s get down to business and let me tell you how to create a solo ad.

solo ads using udimi

First, click on the Find Sellers link where you will see a bunch of Udimi solo ad providers.

Now we have to find the most suitable ad provider.

For that, we will use the filter option available to us.

The most important filter is the rating filter. You want to deal with someone who is extremely reliable and has a good track record.

Rating meter in udimi is very effective

After every deal, Udimi asks both the buyer and seller to rate each other. So each seller has a sufficient amount of reviews.

I would recommend going for seller which have very few negative reviews and a moderate amount of positive reviews.

Positive reviews aren’t always everything, we need paid customers from those subscribers.

solo ads using udimi

Hence Udimi has provided us with another filter i.e. % of buyers filter. While rating your seller’s on Udimi, you also get to mark whether you got any sales from the ad buy.

On the seller’s profile, you’ll see a percentage from the previous buyers

Be careful in this section because it would be a miracle if someone has a buyer filter of more than 35%.

Such a rating is probably fake so go for a 20-25 percentage which is realistic and you get what you pay for.

Pick the price for your clicks

Udimi has a solo ad range from $0.35 per click up to $0.95 per click.
Don’t be greedy and go too low. You might not get any clicks at low.

Adjust the bar according to your budget.

Evaluate the niche for the right fit

Once you have your desired ads provided, you have to read the profile of each ad providers and identify the sellers which match your niche and would be most effective in converting customers.

You can read about the seller’s info from its profile, like where they got this leads and what niche are they based on. You can scroll down even further to read reviews from previous buyers.

Once you identified the seller you want, it’s easy. Just click the number of clicks you want from the sellers.

Some sellers have a range in which they prefer and then you select what filters Udimi will apply to your traffic.

All solo ads traffic goes through the Udimi base filter, which gets rid of bot traffic and other fraudulent clicks. But you need a prime membership for other filters.

Email copywriting

Then you can select whether you or the seller write the email.
I recommend you write the email as you aren’t sure how the seller will frame the email and will it be tempting enough.

Some sellers are really good at it and might help optimize it for you. I have also seen some sellers provide recommendations on your landing page as well.

solo ads using udimi

Once all that’s done, you’ll see the total price you’ll pay (including Udimi’s $3 fee) and add to cart to complete your order.

After that the seller needs to approve the sell. Once this process is done, he has 100 hours to start sending emails.


Udimi provides all the stats and performance report on the site itself. 

Once he starts you can see the stats on Udimi website. You can see the total number of clicks received and their location around the globe.

An easy way to build a list. FAST.

Udimi is very popular among affiliate marketers to build the list fast. I started experimenting and found success quickly. 

Remember this is not for everyone, but it works for certain niche really well. 

I started off using buying ads from the promoted seller which matched my niche. It wasn’t like I earned a million dollar in a month but I did more than expected by just using these solo ads.

Solo ads can be used for direct sales

I use solo ads not just for collecting emails but also for direct sales. If I find any great products that convert well, then I do for direct sales. 

solo ads using udimi

Udimi solo ads should be a platform in your marketing toolbox. 

Start small, test it and make it work wonders for you. 

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