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Unlimited Free Stock photos + social media image templates

We live in the times where we go to social media for almost everything. 

Whether it is getting advice from friends, posting your accomplishments or buying products online, social media influences our day to day decision a lot. 

When you are a blogger, you need to be the influencer to attract the readers/customers to your site.

The best way to attract them is using images. 

This is the prime reason why Pinterest has seen massive growth over the past few years.

If you want to be part of this trend through amazing visuals. Then you need to be an expert in Photoshop or hire someone to do it for you.

And on top of the creative skills we need to spend a ton of time to create these images, especially it changes from social media platform.

So I found this online tool (more importantly) it is a chrome plugin. 

Its called Stencil

Stencil is an online image editing tools for bloggers especially but can be used by anyone. It is a rebranding for Share As Image.

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If you are in this space for a long time, you might have heard about it. This is a cloud-based online graphic designing tool just like Canva.

It’s much easier to use than Canva. This is due to the fact its features, User interface, and ease of work are unmatchable. The most beautiful thing about Stencil is you don’t need any graphic designing skills.

What makes Stencil different?

There are many features that made me sign up for stencil. Despite of many free services like Canva. 

Easy Upload

You can use the plugin to upload any images directly to Stencil and start modifying without leaving your browser.

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You like any images, just right click and open with stencil.

Stencil app review

Easy to change templates

Before selecting your photo, you need to decide the dimensions for your edited picture.

As we all know every social media platform has a distinct picture dimension which is very hard to remember.

Stencil have you covered. It has lined each dimension for every social network nicely. And would let you switch from one size to another right there. 

You create the image once, change the format for other without finding a new template. Very handy and saves a ton of time. 

Custom Templates using existing templates

Another cool feature of the stencil is you customize an existing template. If you find a Facebook template that you liked but want to use custom dimensions you can.

In most online designers, custom templates are up to you and you need to build it from scratch.

You can save these templates too

Not only use it but also save it for future use. 

I use this for creating ads and banners for website. I create few swipe templates and change the background and text every time. 

Unlimited Stock photos and icons

Probably one of the top reason for me to use this tool. It gives me unlimited stock photos (royalty free). 

I was amazed to see the collection of stock photos it has. I can even download them and use it on other editors if needed. 

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I don’t have to search the internet for pictures anymore or subscribe to expensive stock photos sites.

Stencil has an advanced search mechanism which helps you easily search for royalty free images, insert them and edit a few things according to your need. 

Free High Quality Icons

Many wont realize how important icons are until you start using it. 

I started using in images and the engagement went up because of icons. 

Stencil has a 1000’s of icons (pretty much for everything). They are awesome that you can just drag and drop and create images with it. 

650+ premade ready-to-customize designs

Stencil provides 650+ premade ready-to-customize designs under template option.

These templates or featured photo can be categorically saved under collection feature on Stencil.

Although they have many templates but some of them are complex in design for me. (Maybe my preference is simple designs). 

But I can see they are targeted for people who are interested to switch from photoshop.

Facebook Ad Grid tool

Many of us need images to run facebook ads. The challenge with facebook ads is you cannot have more than 20% text in your images. 

It is hard to find it until you upload the image on Facebook and create the ad. 

Stencil provides this cool tool to help find the text to image proposition. Quite handy for creating facebook ads.

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All picture editing features

It pretty much has all basic photo editing tools such as blurring, transparentizing, darkening and filtering. 

Moving the layer from back to front. Adding shadows to text. Filters.

And pretty much every feature you would use in photoshop. 

Do you use motivation Quotes for social engagement?

Stencil offers my favorite feature inserting Quotes to graphics.

Stencil has its own database of quotes which you can edit in “n” number of ways in your picture using different graphics.

Watermark with your logo and branding

Often I forget to add my logo in the image and find it someone steal it. 

I wished my image tool would automatically add the branding whenever I created a image. 

Stencil does just than. You enable the option and it would automatically keep adding the logo all the time. 

How about sharing directly to social media?

The best feature is sharing the created image directly into all social media without leaving the app. 

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You wont believe how much time it would take to download the picture, save it and upload it to multiple social sites. 

Now you don’t have to do it. 

More features

I can go on with more features that this little app supports.

Stencil also helps you in case you decide to add a buffer to your social media.

Plus it can also download local language fonts from Google font.

All these can also be done through a browser extension in Chrome and Firefox.

How much does it cost?

They offer 3 plans for you. 

I signed up for unlimited because it doesn’t cost a lot anyway. Around $12 a month would pay for itself just from buying stock images.

  • FREE
  • PRO
  • Unlimited

Signup for Stencil App at Low price today

Once you start using only then you would know that you cannot live without this tool.

Are you ready to save time and create more social engagement?

Stencil is an excellent image service especially for bloggers as it saves a lot of time, it makes posting easy any platform.

Eg – You can post on Instagram through an SMS using Stencil app.

It can work with every social media network so you don’t have to worry about posting Individuals on every site.

Plus you can receive or send custom design templates among friends using this app.

Last but not least, it is low cost and offers many features that you would need to grow your blog or online business.

I have been using Stencil for a long time and it is one the tool I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a social media account.

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