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Find your next Winning Product for Dropshipping

One of the most popular business models is dropshipping. If you are new to this concept check out this post to learn about dropshipping business

I recommend this model along for people who have only few hours a day and like to make a side income. 

But often you will see it can scale up to become a fulltime income for many. 

The only hard part in this model is finding a winning product that would keep bringing sales.

When I started I was doing this product research manually, would go to sites like aliexpress and pick the product that I think is cool. Test many of them and finally one or 2 would work.

It was a tedious process and had to spend a lot of time and money in it. 

Recently, I found this app called EcommHunt which is making the product research super easy for me.

What is EcomHunt?

In the company own words

This is a bold statement upfront but trust me they deliver on this every single day.

EcomHunt is a sourcing and marketing company.

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They find hot products that are selling online, through watching large social media accounts, or finding products that are trending on Ali Express, Amazon etc. and then list them to its user for Drop Shipping.

They are pretty good at this stuff.

Dropship winning Product Research Tool

How does EcomHunt work?

Basically, EcomHunt does the Product research for drop shipping.

They find the products that are doing well in social media and can be drop shipped for easy cash.

These products are given to paid members first and then as they become more popular or more people know about them, Ecom Hunt opens them up to the general public.

How do EcomHunt help his member sell product?

Here are some of the features they offer. 

Website content about the product

EcomHunt tries to give you some materials like the description of the product to add to your site.

best eCommerce product research tool

This is useful as the details provided by the manufacturer is very less and isn’t luring enough. So having some plain English content is better than nothing.

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Sourcing Information about the winning product

EcomHunt provides you with information about the product Facebook ads. This includes links to stores with Facebook ads, the video that stores are using as well as some advertisement information i.e. ad copy, catchy titles etc.

They also provide video links to put on your website, which you can download according to your preference. Hence these are the things provided by EcomHunt in product research for drop shipping.

Analytic about the product performance in facebook

EcomHunt also gives you an analytic of the entire product. You can continuously view your current profit margins and the current engagement rates.

By using all these stats you can calculate potential profits, as well as links to multiple sellers, this allows you to find the one with the highest rating or orders.

Target Audience

EcomHunt offers you targeting examples, such as Country, possible interest keywords and rough range of customer age.

This is probably a selling point for EcomHunt because we know how difficult to find the right target audience on Facebook

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With some direction, we can improve on that to find the best audience for the product.

What makes EcomHunt different from others?

Apart from generic information about the drop shipped product, EcomHunt a lot of service which in my personal opinion makes it better than its competition.

Some of these services are


This little inventive Chrome Extension is only exclusive to EcomHunt.  It helps you to find, use and analysis other and your Facebook ads, providing you with traffic details such as duration of traffic, amount of traffic, which countries It belongs to and a whole lot of useful data.

The plugin is even available in the trial version with few restrictions, but it needs an active EcomHunt account to be synchronized and work seamlessly

Free Training courses about Drop Shipping

Ecomhunt has both Pro and people who just started Drop Shipping as members and even those who are struggling to find those killer products.

Hence for people like these EcomHunt has a training section with tutorials and webinars to help out. It’s a must watch.

training and webinar for dropshipping

Now the majority of these videos are available only for Pro Members, but on the internet, you can find similar courses or webinars for a few hundred dollars so signing up for a paid membership is a better deal than any other.

What does it cost?

Free version

Well, it has a free version as well where you get 2 hot products daily with very limited data, You won’t be able to use the adHunter neither those Facebook ad, links to the sellers, advertisement ideas etc. They will just tell you the product and you have to research on your own.

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Pro version

But there is a Pro membership as well where you get access to all those features at a special discount rate of $20 a month. 

Are you ready to make $1000 a day?

As I said earlier, ecommerce dropshipping is a great idea to make passive income. 

For me this worked out really well and I would suggest taking a look at these tools to accelerate success. 

Tools like ecommhunt will help you figure out many small overlooked aspect of product research. 

Leverage the information and tools available to you. It is going to be an exciting journey for you but as long as you moving forward success is not too far. 

Do leave your questions in the comments, I will be happy to help. 

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  1. thi is pretty informative but it would be moreso to have a small blurb about what dropshipping is for those not in the know, rather than them having to go to a different post. There are actual classes in DS as well, but i think they basically just sum up this exact post- so thanks for the money save!

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