How we use Pinterest to drive a ton of traffic?

If you are following this blog, you know I consider blogging as one of the best business opportunity to grow your income tremendously

When I started blogging, I used to think that quality content is the only necessity for a successful blog.

As time passed and I got a reality check, marketing my content was probably equally necessary to a quality content.

I needed to reach out to my audience so that they can read my content.

Later I found that one of the ways to drive a ton of traffic to my blog was to use pins on Pinterest.

If used with proper strategy and consistency, Pinterest can amass huge traffic to your blog.

Look at our blog traffic growth in the first month. It is massive. This traffic got us about $900 in affiliate sales.
More on that later. 

blog traffic growth in first month blogging

 Before I explain how that technique worked for me, I want to explain why using pins is a must for new and old bloggers.

You need to pin two types of content in order to increase your audience

  1. Your own blog content – I know, it sounds self-evident, however, I don’t simply mean stick your new blog entry once and proceed onward.
    You have to stick your blog entries to different significant loads up through the span of time (not at the same time). So that your audiences receive your content at regular intervals and otherwise it doesn’t feel like spam.
  2. Quality content from around the web – Pause, what? For what reason would I have to stick with other folks content?
    Since you’re serving your crowd. Your Pinterest profile and sheets should serve your intended interest group. Your audience should feel you are there to satisfy them with quality content, for that you need other people’s work as well.

Now that we have a strategy which will please the audience we need to pins this content effectively.

There are two important dos in this.

First, consistently pinning content every day, so that you have a presence on Pinterest, second, pinning at times when your audience is likely to be online and which will help you engage them in your content.

This seems to be easier said than done. All I could do was spam pins once in a day and not every day.

I wasn’t consistent or be online all day to engage your audience. This is where the problem arises, all I needed was a miracle.

And that is when I found this magic tool called Tailwind.


It’s a scheduling tool that you can use to schedule pins on Pinterest. But it does more for you than you can imagine. Tailwind gives you the structure and strategy to see exponential traffic growth from Pinterest.

All you had to do is schedule pins once a week for an hour or two and you would have Pinterest engagement throughout the week using “Tailwind”.

Some of you might think this is too good to be true since I signed for “Tailwind”, the number of impressions on my blog has almost gone through the roof.

I used to get hundreds of impressions per week which has increased to thousands a week, all thanks to Tailwind.

It may seem to be software which helps you to save time and a normal scheduler but it has a whole lot to it, let me explain in detail.


The Tailwind app is a robust marketing toolkit for Pinterest. Tailwind has 

  • Pinterest Scheduler
  • Analytics
  • Tribes

The Smart Scheduler allows you to create a schedule with time slots based on the most optimal times to pin on Pinterest — when your audience is likely to be active.

The indepth Analytics will show you data beyond what you’re able to see in Pinterest Analytics.
You can even see which pins are performing and re-queue those pins!

Tailwind Tribes are sort of like group boards built into Tailwind. You can discover other people’s content and Pin It and vice versa.


Pinterest vet each of his partners for both technical expertise and Pinterest expertise.

You can opt for several other scheduler’s but having Pinterest’s seal of approval has its own benefits, don’t you think!


As I told earlier about this, Tailwind’s smart scheduler recommends the best times for you to pin throughout the day.

When you setup your Tailwind account you can choose the number of times you want to pin per day, and Tailwind will create a custom smart schedule for you with the most optimal time slots.

Thus the two effective measures of pinning on Pinterest are completed in one go.

You can change this at any time depending on your brand, you want to pin more during the early stages of your blog and less as you proceed forward.

Once you’ve setup your pinning schedule, you can add pins to your queue whenever it’s convenient for you. The software will pin them during these time slots. So you don’t need to take time from your day to day work for pinning you can do it on the weekend in bulk.


Chrome Browser Extension: With the browser extension you can add anything by just clicking the tailwind icon and add it to my schedule.
So easy

Mobile App: You can download the Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler Mobile App.
Now if I come across something I want to pin while I’m on my phone, I can schedule it to my Tailwind queue right from my phone!


You would be tempted to pinning the same pin at multiple boards since social media has so many new platform scheduler’s and a blogger needs to reach out to every one of those.

Tailwind gives you the option to add multiple boards. You can also organize boards by grouping them into lists.

Then using the “Shuffle” option, the pins get shuffles, so the duplicates pins aren’t one right after the other in your audiences news feed.

I can go on but

There are a ton of more features like tribes, analytics, Instagram and more options available on Tailwind.

I wanted to give you a idea and it is upto you to take action.

Once you signup to tailwind you will learn many more features that might be useful for your blog growth. 


As you can see that “Tailwind” isn’t just your everyday scheduler, its uses Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

From my personal experience, this software has increased my reach and engagement and will continue to do so

Jump on it for free and make some money today. 

If you do not have a blog, I strongly suggest you to start one.  Check out this article to help start a blog. 

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  1. Totally agree. Tailwind is life changing. the scheduler is easy to use and such a time saver. Instead of being behind your desk at different hours to pin manually (even though that is more effective), this is an ideal solution for us busy bloggers.

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