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Why start a hydroponics blog to make money?

I constantly look for new trends and ideas that have the potential to make money.

Recently, I stumbled upon this hydroponics niche.

I started learning more about this niche and found it could be one of the best niches to build a blog and generate massive passive income.

For people who don’t know about hydroponics, it is growing plants without soil using minerals in water solvent.

Why hydroponics Niche?

When I heard about this niche, I started my research on google trends to see if it trending. I was surprised to see there was a constant high interest in this niche.

start a hydroponic blog trend

Then I searched for blogs in this niche and to my surprise, I found that there are not a lot of blogs that are very popular in this space.

Also, the competition was not that heavy compared to other blog niches.

Look at the first-page search result for the keyword hydroponic blog. The second search result has a low authority and most of the list does not look competitive.

Next, I wanted to see if there is enough volume in the google search, to see if people are searching for it.

100k – a million searches in Google just in the US.

Pretty huge.

Based on all this research, it is safe to conclude that this is a good niche to start a blog.

How to start a hydroponics blog?

Starting a blog is super easy.

Click this link here to signup for the Bluehost hosting and they will guide you to start a blog.

The hosting company is beginner friendly and the blog creation would take about 15 mins from start to finish.

If you get stuck anywhere, just call their support and they will help you resolve the issues quickly.

Once you have the blog ready. All you have to do is start posting content.

What to write about?

Once we have the blog ready. You need a simple theme, you can get a free one or paid one depending on the style you want.

But don’t spend a lot of time designing the theme. All you need is some simple theme with a clean design so it is easy to read the content on mobile devices.

Next step is to write relevant content to get the blog going.

Creating a structure for your blog from the beginning is important. Because that will help people to understand the topic of the blog and easy for them to navigate.

Here is how the structure I would suggest.

Start with a landing page

A landing page is basically a page that collects email address in exchange for some information or free product.

Collecting email address is important from the beginning for you to acquire loyal audience and sell products and services.

Keep the landing page simple.

The only goal for the landing page is to collect emails so keep the landing page to the point and only add content that would motivate people to join your list.

It is not a blog or a place to write your story.

Create Cornerstone content

A cornerstone content is a detailed article about a topic and it could have multiple subtopics under them.

In hydroponics blog, the cornerstone content could be a beginner guide to start hydroponics farming.

Then your subtopic could be techniques to hydroponics farming, tools and new ideas to hydroponics farmers.

All these subtopics could be separate blogs linking back to your cornerstone content. So it would create a good internal linking structure and helps people navigate easily.

Keywords and trends

You need keywords that are in demand from SEO perspective. When you write content related to the popular keyword it is easy for you to rank in Google quickly.

Here are some of the keywords I researched that has potential in this space.

  • hydroponics for beginners
  • hydroponics for beginners vegetables
  • beginner hydroponics kit
  • how to build a cheap hydroponic system
  • hydroponics 101 a simple guide
  • hydroponic growing guide
  • diy hydroponics
  • hydroponic setup diagram

You can start by creating content around these keywords and start getting traffic to your blog.

How to Make money from the hydroponics blog?

The big question is can we make significant money from hydroponics blog.

Yes, the nature of the blog is teaching people and the hydroponics is all about tools to grow the plants.

People involved or like to start hydroponics needs many products to set up the farm or garden.

When there is a demand you could be the supplier.

We are looking at 2 types of target customers in this niche.

  1. People who are interested to learn and set up the hydroponics farm
  2. For those who already started needs better tools and ideas to make their farm better.

You could sell educational products like books and courses to the 1st type of audience. You can sell high ticketed physical products for the people who are looking to grow.

Selling with a blog is easy because you are teaching people and then suggesting the tools to go along with it.

Own products

If you are inclined towards creating educational materials like eBooks or courses. You can create the products yourself and sell it on your blog.


For people who are interested in selling others product, you can sign up for affiliate marketing.

Read here about the affiliate marketing and how to find products in this post.

I also have a complete course that covers every aspect of affiliate marketing.

==> Click here to sign up for the course

eCommerce Store

Another great way to make a significant income is from a dropshipping store. It is a great way to incorporate an eCommerce store to your blog and sell physical products using the dropshipping method.

You can learn about the drop shipping business model here.

Hydroponics is an untapped niche to enter right now

Based on my research this is a less competitive niche to create a blog right now. There is a lot of interest and very few bloggers are blogging about this topic currently.

Start a hydroponics blog today to take advantage of this opportunity.

how to start a hydroponics blog

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