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Best freelancing business ideas to start now

The growth of technology has made many jobs go from mainstream to freelancing and now is available to everyone.

The best part is you can pick up some gigs and work from anywhere and anytime.

According to a report, freelancing jobs would be the majority of the workforce in a decade.

Availablity of freelancing jobs has opened up the opportunity for everyone to makes passive income and even better primary income for many.

In this post, I am going to cover some of the best online freelancing business ideas that you can start on the side and make money immediately.

Beginners – New to Workforce

For people who are beginners, there are many ideas that would not require you to learn any new skills. All you need is to spend time and get the work done.

Virtual Assistant

Many companies require a wide range of tasks to be done, such as tracking emails, customer services, finance bookkeeping, data entry work, event planning, managing calendars, travel and so on.

Today, with technology help every one of these tasks can be done remotely on the internet.

These companies do outsource this type of work to individual freelancers, you can pick up these tasks and start making some passive income.

Travel Consulting

Everyone travels and we do have experience managing travel like reserving tickets, booking accommodation and planning the schedule. You would have also noticed this is a time-consuming task, imagine for people who are traveling every week. They can’t spend every week a few hours figuring out their flights and hotels.

This type of work is usually outsourced to a travel agent. Most of the time this work is given to freelancers

Photograph Editing

Do you have the natural creative talent to play around photographs? You can offer your editing skills to others. Even if you are not an expert in tools you can easily learn quickly.

With social media growth images are always in demand. It is easier to find freelance gigs and make some quick money.

Bookkeeping and Basic accounting

Are you comfortable with numbers? If you are good at keeping track of financial accounting. Using some easy bookkeeping software like QuickBooks then you could make a ton of money with this gig.

As you can imagine this is hard for many people, individuals or even small business struggle with bookkeeping and often look to outsource to someone reliable.

Online Researching

I think most of us like online shopping. Often you see we end up researching on a product to buy and get the best deal for it.

If you are one of those people who do research on products or collect information about something then you could offer this service to others.

Many eCommerce companies need people to research on products to see if they can sell them. You can offer your gig to people and make a ton of money for something you like to do.

Voice Artists

If you browse through youtube you will find many ads targeting you. When you look closely they are are all created by some advertisement agencies. These ads companies need video artist and voice artists.

Often you don’t have to be a pro in this, if you voice is clear and can read the script with right modulation then you got one of the most lucrative freelancing gigs in your hands. Many voice artists make up to $72/hour.

Head up to Fiverr to see the potential of it.

Skilled – With some experience and ready to learn

The next type of freelancing gigs is for a little bit more skilled. For people who have skills in some of the high in demand jobs.

Even if you do not have these skills already, you can learn these skills quickly.

Social Marketing

Social media has become part of our lifestyle. We do everything using social media, shopping, education, news, collaborations, communication, and business.

Since everyone is on social media websites, business needs help to reach out to the people on these sites.

However, it is not just one site and there are many social sites based on interest and behavior. Mastering each of them is practically not possible for anyone.

So if you are an expert in any of them, it is valuable for many businesses. They, in turn, are willing to pay top dollar if you can deliver results.

Ghost Blogging

If you had read any post in this blog, I probably would have talked about blogging at least once.

I know the power of blogging and the results it can bring to an individual or a business. Many businesses have started realizing this and need help in blogging for their brands.

They look for Ghost/Guest bloggers to write articles and promote them.

It is hard work to do blogging so they are willing to pay a good compensation if you are good at blogging.

If you do not have a blog yet, I strongly recommend to start one immediately. You will quickly learn the power of it.

Click here to learn more and start a blog

Proofreading and Editing

Do you know English ranks only number 3 in the most popular languages in the world, next to Chinese and Spanish?

Many people are not well versed in English so they need help in fixing their grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

Even for people who are good at it, needs help to have a second set of eyes to validate their writing.

Once you establish as a good proofreader, then you probably will have repeated work from the same person or company for a long time.


With the internet being global, now the trend is to create websites in their native languages. Translation jobs are becoming more popular among all business sizes.

If you know any additional language then you can start helping business to translate and make some good money doing so.

Stock Photography

Do you have the passion to take pictures of anything you see interesting? You can begin a freelancing business of taking photographs and setting them on stock photo sites like iStockPhoto and Shutterstock. Your photo gets a commission for each buy/download, imagine how much you can make if you photo becomes popular.

Video Editing

You probably know that the 2nd biggest search engine is Youtube. That means people are searching for videos to get information from the web.

Video creation is much harder than creating content. Video editing plays a major role in video production and it is a time-consuming task.

If you are interested in this domain, then you can make a career out of it.

Video gigs are the top in the trending gigs on Fiverr.

Highly skilled – Hard workers

Hard work is often misunderstood as spending a lot of time. It is actually doing things that are hard to do.

Some of the freelancing work recommended here are for people who are willing to do the hard work. Learning new skills without formal education setting, expanding their skills by trying new things that are not natural to them and so on.


The web wouldn’t exist if not for developers, and it unquestionably won’t progress without it. Programming has evolved into every aspect of your business.

Today the top fortune 5 companies are technology companies. That means this is undoubtedly the right industry to be in to build a lucarative career.

It is not unusual to see freelancers making 6 figures in this space.

Even if you do not have the technology background if you are willing to spend some time you can learn the skills.

Copywriting for advertisements

Ads copy is one of the factor that determines if the ads would work or not. It is difficult to compose a good copy that gets clicks.

Most entrepreneurs pay top dollar if you can write the copy that gets results.

It is not easy to learn this skill either, but if you spend more time practicing it you will get better at it.

Search engine optimization Services

Search engines are the bloodline for any online business, they are the top source of traffic. Optimizing your website to make it search engine friendly is important for your business to be successful.

Learning about search engines is complicated they do not reveal the exact algorithm that they use to rank. You can learn about SEO only with experience and understand the behavior.

However, you can still learn about some of the techniques by following some standard guidelines. Also, leverage the experts in the field to learn about what works at the present time.

When you get comfortable with various techniques you can help others too. There are one of the highly paid skill.

Online Tutoring

You don’t need to be a specialist at something to help other people learn. Many people are using these offline learning methods to learn new skills.

If you can learn something and teach others that opens up a new opportunity for a huge passive income.

You can do this just by sitting at home. Either you can record the course and sell it for others or do it online in real time.

Book Writing

You can write a book for yourself or write to another person. Both are a very good idea to make a ton of money.

Writing a book is quite different from writing a blog. Structure the book in a way to make it interesting for people to read and at the same time learn from it.

This is a rare skill and can be built only with experience. Many ghostwriters make a lot of money and if you do some research many successful books are written by ghostwriters.

Legal Consulting

This is something you can do only when you have the license to do it. You don’t have to go to graduate school to work in this field.

You need to get trained properly and work with an experienced person before start helping others.

If you are ready to make that investment, you can make a ton of money later as freelancers. You can even have your own fulltime business to make a lucrative career.

Creative Designing

Visual creators are extremely popular on the web. Individuals require logos, infographics, images, blog entry cover photographs and more made constantly. Most independent visual computerization is piece work, however, there’s such a large amount of it out there you can without much of a stretch work your way up to full time. Independent realistic designers earn all things considered $44,109 every year.

Online Fitness Training

Fitness coaches don’t need to be gym representatives. You can do this independently for people online. Remember the p90x program or Zumba, they are digital training programs where people follow the instructions to get fit.

Similarly you can create your own programs or work one on one with clients to get them fit. These gigs are becoming popular as they are cost-effective and people can do without leaving their home.

Investment Consulting

Even if you save a few hundred dollars each month you still need to know where to put that money, so it can multiply. Often people reach out to a large financial institution to help them out.

Some try to do it on their own and invest in stocks or mutual funds. However, there are a majority of people who would like to seek freelancers help to suggest a better portfolio management.

If you can help with this, you can make a significant income from commisions and affiliates.

Real estate Consulting

Similar to investment consulting, real estate consulting is also a lucrative industry. You can help people to buy property, help in research and help manage their properties online.

With new models like Vacation rentals and room sharing using Airbnb. The online property management is a growing industry to get in right now.

What is your gig?

The freelancing business is a highly profitable model to make money on the side or even as a fulltime.

If you can spare a few hours a week, you can definitely make a lot of money by helping others.

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