Profitable Products to sell for ecommerce dropshipping

How to find profitable products to sell ?

At 925 Millionaires, we recommend everyone to start a blog and an eCommerce dropshipping business.

I have been running both blog and a couple of eCommerce store for more than 3 years and from my experience, this is the best possible passive income opportunities that you can see working best now.

People suggest to either go down blogging and sell digital products or sell physical products using eCommerce stores. But I have seen it works even better when combined together.

In any online business traffic is your bloodline, the more the traffic you drive to your website the more money you make. The cheapest and efficient way to drive a lot of traffic is by using content marketing.

Content marketing is using content to teach people the benefits of a product or service to educate people and sell the products.

You need a profitable product to sell

In order for this model to work, you need a solid product. A profitable product that can make money consistently for a long time. Also, more importantly, you should be able to dropship this product to be a fully passive income stream.

Profitable Products to sell for ecommerce dropshipping

Finding trending products to sell is not easy

The tough part with any business is to find a profitable product.

On the surface, it always looks like all the good products are already over saturated.

Another option is to come up with our own innovative products, to do this we need to spend years to test and mature a great original product that could sell really well.

For example, I heard about steampunk goggles and thought it is something cool to sell before it becomes more competitive. Went to Amazon to see how many sellers sell them currently and this is what I found.

amazon product research for dropshipping

Already 1000 listing of the product and many sponsored listing already, which quite competitive to get in.

Even if we decide to compete, the profit will drop significantly because of the competition and ads cost.

Best products to sell online to make money

When I say the best product it means a profitable product. Based on my experience a profitable product should have the following characteristics.

  1. Products you can buy cheap and sell high with a profit margin of 85% or more.
  2. Trending product and the niche is evergreen
  3. A good quality product so the return rate is less than 1%
  4. Easy to understand and simple to use.
  5. Good customer support around it
  6. High perceived value with good packaging

If a product satisfies most of the above conditions it can be classified as the best product.

However, it is not always possible to find such products and the market conditions also keep changing. So the best product today might not be best the next day.

Continous product research

The only option to keep the eCommerce business going is by continuously testing various products to find few that works. It is quite expensive to test multiple products to the winners, it involves your time, ads cost and a lot of research.

The optimum way to do this product research is to use tools that provide you with all the data that you need to take the decision.

Fortunately, there are a few tools that offer these features that I use to speed up my product research and be profitable from day 1.

Product research tools to find products that sell

Salehoo research lab

Salehoo is one of the popular directory services to find various types of suppliers. They have a massive collection of suppliers for almost every niche, including wholesalers, dropshippers, retailers, and manufacturers.

Salehoo recently launched their research labs, I am super impressed by the ease of finding highly profitable products easily.

You just have to pick the niche you are interested in and apply filters. It populates many products based on your filter criteria.

When you click the product listed it gives you the vendors for that product, you can the suppliers based on your business model. It saves so much time and gives you all the data required to pick the right products to sell.

I recommend to look for dropshipping supplier to start testing the product and once the product proves to be successful then buy in bulk to further increase the profits.

p.s. A word of caution. It might look like the product cost is low when you buy in bulk but when you add shipping cost, customer services and all other hassles comes with it. Dropshipping is still better because the supplier takes care of all that.

You can make up for a small loss by selling more volume. Sometimes the product cost difference could super profitable to buy in wholesale, in that case, you can get it in bulk and use a fulfillment company to do dropshipping for you.

salehoo research lab product research




ecomhunt is a product research tool, focusing dropshipping stores. The products they recommend are unique and are new in the market.

The recommendations are usually based on the engagement from Facebook ads. So these products could sell well on Facebook, making it perfect for bloggers or eCommerce stores.

Here are some of the features of this tool:

  • Seeing the post engagement from all the associated ads.
  • View the Shopify Store selling the products that sell well.
  • It also shows the working Facebook ad for that particular product.
  • The best part is, it also shows the detailed targeting information on who to reach out to make the sales.
  • They offer free as well as paid accounts.

Bottomline, this tool saves a ton of time researching the products to start making sales immediately. It also saves a lot of Facebook ad spent that is wasted testing some random products. So jump in and try out this tool to start making money right away.

ecommhunt product research to sell physical products

You can look at the product details to get the exact ad creative and other information.

Dropship spy

Dropship-spy is similar to ecomhunt that provides you some different types of product ideas.

It gives you product description and some ad information that you can readily use on your ads.

These tools mainly differ in the way they collect the data and recommend. You need test a few products from each of these tools recommendations to see the one that works for your niche.

dropship spy product research


Pexda is another similar tool for product research.

One thing it is different from others is it provides untapped winning products, it could be a good option to try a new set of products.

Remember, these tools give a good leverage to find the potential winning product for selling on your eCommerce store.

Pexda for winning product research

How to sell a product online for free?

Now we know how to find a profitable product quickly without losing a ton of money on testing. The next step is setting up the eCommerce store and start selling them.

There are many ways to sell these products online for free. But you know free is not always free it comes with a cost in different forms.

For example, marketplaces like Amazon will let you sell the products for free on their platform. But once you sell the product the percentage they take as fees are ridiculous. You sometimes lose almost 80% of the profit you made in that sale.

What is the point of making a sale and making less money from it? Did not make sense to me.

Amazon & eBay Marketplace

Still, these marketplaces are good to get started and sell your products. They provide a good platform and marketing to sell your products, so if your product is in high demand and less competitive you could make significant money in these marketplaces.

They make up for low profits with volume, the only challenge is finding those products with less competition. Even if you find one, the chances are soon others will find it and start competing with you.

Your Blog and ECommerce store

Selling products on your blog is one of the best ways to maximize your profits from your blog. Rather than sending the traffic to another website through an ad. Keep them on your blog and start selling your products.

With the dropshipping model, it is totally handoff and still makes more money from selling. You also get to keep the customers on your site and sell more products in the future.

Social media

Selling on social media is picking up, we see people selling products using Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook.

You don’t even need a website to do this. Nowadays, these social media platforms come with their own payment methods to accept payments right on the platform itself.

However, I don’t recommend that.

It might work short term, but in a long-term, you need a website to build a brand and get loyal customers for life.

Best Make money from blog opportunities

Blogging + E-commerce is what we recommend to our 925 Millionaires.

Often you will see bloggers, driving the traffic to display ads in their post or to another affiliate product from Amazon or others.

When doing this they only get 4% -8% in commisions.

However, if you own an eCommerce store and sell directly from it the profits are at least 30%. That means replacing the affiliate products with your own products automatically grows your income by 4X times.

How to leverage this best eCommerce opportunity?

The idea is to start a blog and extend the blog into an eCommerce store, so the traffic you get from the blog and instead routing the traffic to an ad or affiliate product you sell your own product at a higher profit margin.

We call this model as 925M Passive Ninja method. It is using the best of both worlds to maximize your profits.

In order to be successful in selling your products either through your blog or using an eCommerce store, you need solid profitable products to sell.

Are you ready to start selling products on your blog?

From this post, you learned finding a profitable product is super easy and you can start selling products these products on your blog easily. This model is something I have been using for over 3 years and works best to maximize the income from our blogs.

I definitely recommend you to try this model as well. With the right tools, it is easy to find great products and sell them effectively.

Let me know if you have question in the comment section.

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