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Best affiliate program for bloggers in 2018

We bloggers are always looking for a good affiliate programs to promote.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog.

Especially if the program offers recurring income and sometimes it even offers a 2nd tier commision.

2nd tier commission is you get paid when you refer a person and also get paid when that person refers someone else too. 

There are only few affiliate products that support this model and many of them are hard to promote. 

Either the product is expensive or the product is not really good, so it doesn’t convert that well. 

Builderall All in one Marketing Tool

Builderall is really a all in on marketing tool. 

No kidding, this one has all the digital marketing tools under one tool. I didn’t believe it at first but I was surprised to see that these guys tried to pull off such a big tool together. 

Let see what they cover (when I was writing this post, they keep adding new features every week).

FunctionalityComparable ToolPrice/Month
Landing page builderClickfunnel$99
AutoresponderMailchimp (10k sub)$75
Course PlatformTeachable$29
App CreatorAppypie$25
Video CreatorVideoScribe$29
Affiliate PlatformEverflow$200
Blog BuilderWix$10
Spin to WinOptin Wheel$39
Facebook ChatbotManychat$19
Push NotificationPushcrew$18
SEO reportVaries$39
Social AutopostBuffer$15
Social ProofProof$29

If you are serious marketer probably you have all these tools and paying a high premium separately. 

With Builderall, you get all these tools under one subscription for a super low cost.

Remember they are raising the price slowly as well (which makes sense). 

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Builderall Product Review

In a nutshell, you are not going to get the best of everything with this product. But it works and for most of the bloggers and marketers this works perfectly well. 

If you have email subscribers are less than 10k this is all you need to grow your business. 

Some of the great tools that I found were.

Email Autoresponder

Email marketing is absolutely a must and many email marketing tools are expensive, especially if you need autoresponders. 

Autoresponder is a automation feature that send emails in sequence based on various triggers. You can set it up once and it will keep sending emails to new subscribers. 

Funnel Builder

It is always hard to build a high converting sales page. More importantly setting up payments, upselling more products and more. 

A good funnel builder should help make this process super easy. 

With builderall funnel builder, they have many predesigned templates to build funnel for any of your products or services. 

Surprisingly they work really well too. Having integrated to an autoresponder it is super effective to setup and run campaigns quickly.

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Many bloggers use webinar to grow their following and get customers. It is quite a lot of work to setup a webinar then integrate with your email marketing. 

With Builderall all in one platform all this is easy to setup and get it going quickly.

Affiliate Platform and Marketplace

One under utilized marketing tactic is setting up your product on an affiliate network. 

If you are ready to share a commission to people who are willing to  promote your products then you can reach out to many more people with less effort. 

However, setting this affiliate program and managing all the aspect of it is no easy joke. It is hard and takes a lot of time and effort. 

In Builderall it comes with a affiliate network. Basically, you are going to list the product and setup a commission that you are willing to share. 

The tool takes care of everything. 

Course Platform and Membership site

The best way to monetize your blog right now is to use the paid content. Either it is an ebook, course or premium content only for members and so on. 

Builderall platform comes with these features to help you create a membership site. 

Builderall Business Builder

This is a training program where they teach you how to promote builderall and make money from it. 

They provide all the resources needed to promote their product and make money from it. 

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Add on features

Social Autoposter – Automatically schedule posts to go to various social media. 

Facebook Chatbot – You can engage with facebook messenger and subscribe them to your site.

Browser Notification – Enable push notification on your site and sends update automatically.

Social proof – A notification popup box on the side which tells any sales activity on your website to gain trust from visitors. 

Spin to win lead capture – A interesting way to capture user attention to collect leads or promote a sale.

and many more.

Like I said before they keep adding more feature frequently. 

Overall, they are a decent product that works for most bloggers and affiliate marketing guys to get started. 

Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program

They offer a tiered affiliate program with which you can refer people and make money from commissions.

Not such commissions from a direct sale but also from the sale your affiliates are bringing in.

They have this earning calculator which gives you a calculation on how much you can earn.

builderall revenue

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You sell one license every second day (15 sales a month), 50% of the buyers choose Builderall Business, every Business Owner after you make 15 sales as well with the same 50% conversions for Builderall Business.

Your Direct Sales

7.5 sales x 29.90 (BA Platform)

= $224.25 USD First Payment + $67.00 USD Recurring Payment

7.5 sales x 49.90 (BA Business)

= $374.25 USD First Payment + $112.00 USD Recurring Payment

Sales of the Business Affiliates –

15 Business Owners makes 15 sales each (BA Platform) = 225 Sales x $9.00 USD commission = $2,025.00 USD Recurring Payments

15 Business Owners makes 15 sales each (BA Business) = 225 x $14.00 USD Commission = $3,150.00 USD Recurring Payments

If you are really aggressive and make about 40 sales, but now you have

Total = 600 users on your network generating $9580.80 USD Monthly recurring payments.

The right time to Jump in

I often think that most of the good opportunities are already very competitive. 

Before we realize the opportunity exist there are many already promoting it and you wont have a fair chance to take part in it. 

This one program could be something that has a potential to grow. The team is aggressively making their product better and paying out generous commission for now. 

I think it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. 

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  1. I definitely needed this list! I have been looking to find some good affiliate programs:) I am going to look into some of these more!

  2. This sounds like something worthwhile to look into! I do have to keep researching what would be best for me as I eventually expand my business. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Always good to be an early adopter and I think it’s good to take a risk on something from time to time. How often do we wish we had jumped on something after it’s too late.

  4. Very interesting and so much information it’s making my head spin (in a good way of course!). You just reminded me there is so much more I can do with my blog. Thanks!

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