We are tech savy guys and believe that technology is the most important factor in our everyday life. 

We think it is smart to look for tools to automate any repetitive tasks. And we recommend that you do the same. 

Here are some of the tools that we recommend if you are not using it already. We have tested and used EVERY resource on this page.  Many of them are absolutely VITAL to the success of our money management & passive income streams and will have HUGE impacts on yours as well. 

We also learned that investing in some tools gives a advantage to commit on something and grow from there. 
For example, if you are thinking about starting a ecommerce business. You would start only the day you sign up for the platform. The moment you start paying the commitment automatically pushes you to work on it and quite often we would be successful because the more the time we put in the more the chances of success.

That’s why we strongly recommend to leverage any technology and accelerate growth sooner than later. All the tools we recommend are tested extensively by many experts and we personally have a ton of experience as well. 

NOTE*** The content on this page does contain affiliate links, meaning we do get some percentage of the product purchased but at no additional cost to you.  We do this to help finance the free content that we publish on our website, so we appreciate your support. Please know that we ONLY recommend products that we have USED and can stand behind 100% on effectiveness.

Personal Finance

TOols we use for managing money

One of the powerful tools in our finance tool box is Personal Capital. There are tons of tools & offerings. 

For starters, get the app and add all your bank accounts, credit cards & all financial accounts. The tool will start showing you the portfolio, it is so much powerful to see the data and you will automatically know what to do next. 

When you reach a level of investing 100k or more on index funds, it would be best to talk to these guys and see if they can help. We have noticed they have a 1% advantage over betterment or wealthfront. (we will talk more about this in a different post).
If you are not using it, we highly recommend to get started. 

We use this instead of our saving account. 

Vanguard is a synonym for index funds. They have many well reputed funds with super low expense ratio. Although, we recommend vanguard there are also other funds we recommend. 

It is a app that we use for buying stocks, they are free to buy or sell stocks. They also provide an option to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies. A must have app to buy stocks. 


TOols to HELP you earn more money

We recommend everyone to start a blog, even if they are not interested to write. This is one of the easy way to make passive income and keep earning for a long time. 

The best way to start a self hosted blog is using wp engine. It takes a lot of headache away. 

A cheaper option to start a blog is Bluehost. It is a great way to get started to host your wordpress blog. 

We also recommend starting a ecommerce store. With advancement in technology and logistics, it has become super easy to start your own store and sell physical products. 

Clickfunnels is great tool build sales funnels. A sales funnel is important when you are selling high ticket products, whether it is a digital product or a physical product. If you are serious about leveraging online to make passive income, clickfunnels can definitely help.  

Email marketing is important to sell more products to your existing customers. A good email autoresponder is a vital component to increase your revenue.

Online courses are a new trend. We are living in a education economy and people like to learn almost everything at their own convenience. If you are good at something create a course and sell it for a another income stream. 


TOols to save resources

You probably are using drive already. If not at some point you will, it is a great way to store and share pictures and files easily.

If you write anything online, emails, blog post, assignments or even comments on facebook, you need Grammarly. This tool keeps checking grammar and spelling automatically and suggest you corrections. 

Stencil is a easy image creation tool. It provides many high quality stock photos for free and has many templates for various social media. You can also save the images and share it.

If you are shopping on Amazon this chrome extension finds products that are available for less price from a different sellers.