Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Instagram Audit Tool work?

- Instagram Audit tool is an Instagram tracking tool that gives you the ability to track unlimited Instagram Accounts and generating professional audits. Including

  • day by day tracking
  • engagement rates
  • top posts,
  • top hashtags
  • top mentions and many more.

Find the best influencers on Instagram and keep them on track.

What is the benefit of the paid report?

- It offers an extensive report about the Instagram account. Definitely worth it.


How reliable is this audit tool?

- It uses the official Instagram API to fetch the results. We have seen it shows accurate results all the time.

What if the site is not responding quickly?


- If many users are using the tool at the same time, the server could respond slowly. Try again in some time and report to us. We will fix it soon.

What if the data is not represented correctly?

-  We try our best to fetch the best possible data from Instagram but if there are any discrepancy we do not take any responsibility. 

Is there is a refund policy?

- No, the price is so low it only cover the payment gateway fees which cannot be refunded.

Why build this?

- We have seen any Instagram audit tools and seen not many offers extensive report the way we provide. It should be useful for people who are trying to grow their Instagram account by learning from the competitors or for brands to find influencers to advertise their products.